Take Your Construction Management to the Next Level


  • Automate your workflow and stay ahead of your projects - you will estimate your project, schedule, bid, create purchase orders and expenses, invoice your project all with the click of your mouse! Build your cost estimate in BuilderGM, and automatically build your schedule and task list at the same time.

  • Know your costs and communicate with your team - Detailed cost analysis and financial reporting in real-time to keep your projects on track and profitable. BuilderGM closes the communications loop between all stakeholders by allowing you to share information by project.

  • Keep your accounting current and accurate, and bid work with ease – BuilderGM keeps all your committed costs, accounts payable and accounts receivable in order and seamlessly Integrates with your QuickBooks file. BuilderGM has automated bidding and plan distribution to incorporate vendor costs in your estimate all the way through to providing price information to your client.